Maris was born in the small suburb of Oak Park, Illinois surrounded by the timeless architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. His parents involved him in art and culture at a young age. He became involved in theater, learned photography from his father, and enrolled in several creative writing courses before entering middle school.

Being a biracial child, he became interested in the cultures of his own heritage and that curiosity soon led to learning about other cultures around the globe. This passion would come to influence his future work.


At 13, Maris attended an international high school in Copenhagen, Denmark. This experience would shape his world perspective as his classmates were composed of people from all over the world. Being an outsider in a foreign country, he became truly fascinated with film as it was his connection to his home. He began to analyze how film could make an audience laugh, cry, be afraid, and connect with on-screen, fictional characters and their story. This fascination turned into a calling – he wanted to become a filmmaker. Upon graduation, Maris returned home to the United States and began his journey into the art of cinema.


Maris Lidaka is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He has worked in a variety of roles in the entertainment industry for companies Disney, Verizon, AT&T and HP. His projects have screened at several high-profile film festivals including the Cleveland International Film Festival and the PBS Shorts Showcase, as well as several streaming platforms including Facebook Watch . His films explore the point of view of the outsider and what happens when that point of view comes into conflict with the mainstream.